What We Do

Elder & Gorse meets in Roslin Glen to celebrate the eight festivals in the wheel of the year. We also do social activities, including workshops and days out to green spaces/sacred sites in and around the city, and some of us participate in wider events in the Druid/Pagan/folk heritage community. 

We welcome a diverse membership of people of all genders, ethnic backgrounds, sexual orientations, and ages (over 18). Children are welcome when accompanied by an adult; a few current members have young children and we are working on making our rituals family-friendly. We endeavour to meet in places that can accommodate those who have accessibility requirements.

Our ceremonies are open, but by invitation. If you are interested to join us, please email to get in touch and tell us a bit about yourself. We are happy to answer any questions about the group.

If you attend a ritual and there is a mutual feeling that you would be a good fit for the Grove, you will be invited to join our mailing list and private social media groups to participate in future rituals and other events.

The ceremonies are written by us, but broadly based on the structure taught by OBOD. These aspects of ritual are part of every ceremony:
  • Casting a circle to create sacred space
  • Calling for peace to further our work
  • Calling the elements
  • Reciting the Druid's Prayer
  • Chanting Awen 
  • Libation and food offerings shared with the group
  • Creative offerings.