About Us

Founded at Samhuinn in 2019, Elder & Gorse is a Pagan Druid fellowship. We are focused on fostering creativity, building relationships with the land where we live, and nuturing relationships within our human and more-than-human communities.  
Elder & Gorse aims to be accessible to all those in the greater Edinburgh area who are interested in a Druid path, and to be as inclusive as possible. There is no monetary cost associated with membership.
The group is non-hierarchical and there are no ranks. It is founded on the idea that ‘we are all teachers and all learners’. Members are mentored to write and lead the seasonal ceremonies, and can take on responsibility for organising workshops and outings. 
Our grove is not affiliated with any particular Druidic order. Some of us are members of and training with the Order of Bards, Ovates, and Druids (OBOD) or the British Druid Order (BDO), and some are members of The Druid Network (TDN) and the Scottish Pagan Federation
We have a sister grove called Rowan & Thorn based in Hampshire, UK.